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Artist Statement

Transcending  the plasticity of the material is what I find awe inspiring about my profession.

Giving an experience of a living human quality out of an inert substance. This ability or gift to transcend the material has something to do with truth.

Experienced with clarity from the raw energy, gut type spontaneous expression to the deeply felt meditative creativity.

My passion for art loves the journey of the unknown with the discovery of the created.

The path that's followed originates from the creative source which is an energy, an impulse or something of the self that doesn't change. I call it home. 

In a way I don't actually know what I am doing. This is a very sensitive but necessary place to be. One easily susceptible to contamination.

A single timeless dialogue forming a listening habit of pathways that have programmed the subconscious.

A well versed path that is constantly sensitive to the change activity of present moment awareness. One of the fundamental properties of chaos.

With this dynamic creativity is inexhaustible.

When the self is suspended like this the creative act of listening visually is effortless. In the now, but not the now of time more like an expansive awareness without time. 

 All the intricacies of being human are key to what is expressed. This is where the ‘struggle’ is. A discipline for allowing the heart, spirit and soul a voice.

An attempt to serve society in a selfless way. You try to do this from your best and deepest space within your being. You devote your life to doing so. You lead by example, the nature of work is a peaceful joy sort of thing.

 Allowing the work of art to originate in the perception of the viewer starts a dialogue.

The creative urge is intrinsic to human nature, residing in every one of us. We can use this powerful gift for deepening moments in our life, increasing openness and other insights.

By letting yourself be and living with the work and being susceptible to what allows itself sight. You awaken to what has always been and this mirrors how this art is created.

Languages are built as life is built. It is a way to understand ourselves.

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