5  A promise of sound (2008 completed work).JPG

From his experience Gavin understands  that you cannot separate something from the way that it is made. Its the reason why  the  process is the ultimate concept as it allows the most freedom. Creative action is in constant change like the very nature of our being.

Another is his belief that if you are going to serve your society and yourself in your role as an artist, that it originates from the  best and deepest place within your being.

His lifelong relationship with what he calls ‘the creative source’ is an experience that is not definable by means of words  for him and emphasises  that it should only be understood visually.

He equates this union as a form of meditation because it has many of its qualities. He experiences  it mostly as a visual listening type action without intention. A present moment awareness that is effortless and impersonal where change is the only constant. 

For him creative energy has a life of its own.

Its spacious, ’free’ behavior is only active in the  now. and is at odds to our will. Adding that 'to listen visually is to crystallize space without time.'

He explains that although the medium has definition, the surface fluctuates by going forward and back in extremes. Optical colour placements vibrate and there is an expression of movement within form. Combinations of constructs allow diversity and these connect with each other and move apart depending on where our eyes rest. 

For Gavin the material field of illusion is incredibly rich and complex with our sight being our most important sense organ.

Working with a visual alphabet derived from reality he creates a mix of symbolism, archetypal and surreal configurations. These live in a space where they move forward and back solidifying into  an array of perceptions. Less frequently experienced is what he refers to as the vision where a large portion of the painting solidifies into a completely realistic space.