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Gavin Risi creates a space for visions, illusions and psychological insights that can only be experienced in the original artwork. It follows that his concept is nonexistent in a photograph and cannot be judged here.

He creates it as a substance and not a picture or traditional painting, making it impossible to see and understand in a conventional way.

You don't see it until it allows itself to be seen. You have to live with the work to understand its human comunicative nature.

When you first see the work it is chaotic and overwhelming as there seems to be no resting place but after about 30 minutes you begin to see the layers of  structures, volumes, spaces and forms. 

​The painting has no orientation it can be experienced in four or more positions as anyway is up. ​

In living with the work you enter into a visual communication  with your experiences of visions, imagined images and psychological insights.

A play between your imagination and the reality of a vision. An expression of some significance  as we begin inhabiting virtual worlds.

When you visually step into a reality that is made from the unknowable your mind is sent to a place it would not normally go and for a moment you transcend your everyday awareness, you feel you have captured the elusive. 

Even when seated close to the painting as your eyes move over the surface visual worlds appear creating spaces within you. 

An intention of surrealism was finding a bridge to connect the subconscious with reality. Gavin's work conjures up realities, allowing the surreal nature of the vision only to exist in the viewer's mind even when an attempt is made to explain and show it to another.

​In time the artwork will exist as much in your mind as it does hanging on your wall. The art is internalized.  The vision is experienced, becomes a memory but becomes cleared from the substance that was its origin. 

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