5  A promise of sound (2008 completed work).JPG

I find it intensely difficult to express the concept of my work in this written language. A possible reason is that it's integrated into my entire being as a complete trust in an ability that is beyond any form of control or comprehension.

Art in my understanding is a language that is already complete. 

​In this format where the paintings cannot speak for themselves I will do my best to give you as clear an understanding as possible.

From my own practice I know that you cannot separate something from the way that it is made. It follows that the reality of my presence, awareness and all the intricacies of being human are key to what is expressed. From the heart and the mind to the spirit, the soul and things inbetween.

I use the word work to give it some sort of integrity or normality but essentially it's a celebration of play.

The activity of creating often allows you to be in the now. You can sense that it originates from the best and deepest place within your being. The energy is effortless, there is no conscious intention other than to listen visually. 

Here change is the only constant although you are always at home. In this present moment awareness your ego disappears and expression is closer to truth. Listening visually you crystallize space without time.

I have an intimate lifelong dialogue with this working practice. I call it the 'creative source’ which is akin to a working meditation as it has so many of its qualities.

This listening creative dialogue for some reason is never seen as a part of me. If the oil painting medium parameters were not defined it would be boundless. Accepting this framework of the medium allows freedom and discovery and this always gives back in abundance. 


I work for society out of my own free will if there is such a thing. A natural, innate energy of purpose to create a better world.

My imagined concept would like to believe that I am creating a practical visual path to an enlightened awareness. To alter perception, reinvent the sacred, to evoke the innocence of wonder and any host of things along these lines. 

In a type of abstract way I am working with a visual alphabet derived from realism. I call this a substance. 

It is like a construct or language as it is filled with structure and form. I compare it more to a cubist type way of seeing reality structure/form than a random type structure/form of a Jackson Pollock dance.

It has form, definition and is in movement, the surface fluctuates by going forward and back in extremes and the optical vibration of colours, combinations of constructs allow form to be transitory.

The substance is also a type of non definition as I don't bring out what I see, if I did it would probably become a surreal type work of art.

It has no orientation and can be viewed from any side. Although aesthetically some sides make better paintings in terms of composition, colour placement, tonal values and so on.

I find creative action entirely different from conscious creative planning. The former has a life of its own, the latter I try to use in the process as obstacles and a discipline.

In a practical way I know what I am doing and I learn from practice what the surface needs to function.

I have searched for a decade or two, but as yet I have not found another artist working in the same way, so I have no comparison for you.


You have to live with the work to understand its human communicative nature.

The ‘seeing’ is not something you have control over. 

The work allows itself to be seen. A vision jumps out at you. 

A different way of seeing that can only be experienced from the original artwork. This illusionistic substance is enhanced  or works better in the natural changing light. The subtle arrangements of colour and form that triggers memories and insights, the alternating bounce of space and the optical vibrations of adjacent colours cannot be experienced in a photo or video. 

It plays with your consciousness by presenting your perception with images and visions.

A portal to other consciousnesses, an insight into spaces within the self that are unknown.

Dislodge our ways of seeing by creating a reality not yet imagined. You can experience an hallucination that you may not like or a vision where you experience an aspect of  utopian heaven. These experiences stay with your psyche for quite some time, they dwell in the narrative of your being. 

Creates a mix of symbolism, archetypal and surreal configurations. 

Bridge or momentary connection to spiritual insights that are purely visual knowledge and ironically non visual places.

Occasionally a large portion of the painting solidifies into a completely realistic happening.  A powerful and unexpected  imagery that is so vivid it moves and has an atmosphere, it enters your psyche as real. They enter your consciousness and become a part of your memory

The visuals from the work of art reside only in your vision. Intimate and personal.

The art is internalised and is less of an art object and functions more as a relationship experience.

The artwork will exist as much in your mind as it does hanging on your wall.

These visions and sometimes the imagery are cleared from the substance that was its origin, you will know they are there but you cannot see them at will.

In time your perception will rest on a different aspect and create.