'Emit' 8x4meter Collage - Gavin Risi.jpg

This collage is an ongoing artwork created entirely from TIME magazine images. The concept behind the work is based upon the spiritual experience and teaching  ‘What is within is without and is dedicated to hi daughter.                                    

 At the moment of his daughter's birth Gavin could see she was struggling with the bright light so he went closer to shield her eyes with his hand and as he looked into her eyes he experienced what he understands as an interpretation of where his daughter had come from.

At the time he did not give it much thought as it was like an everyday experience.

 As he looked into his daughter's eyes the entire world disappeared and he was held in a comforting universe, a loving infinite space without an earth.

Obviously something unusual happened, because I seemed to impress the midwives.  

“Emit happened to be the appropriate word whether I was sending out energy, light or casting out a discharge like vomit. Time spelt backwards is emit which is another relevant word as that is what was stolen from us, but the other part of our soul is a teacher and messenger that showed me that time does not exist.”