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Consciousness is the most precious thing we have as humans. Art being in the space we live is a way to communicate/participate with our consciousness.


By listening to a creative dialogue from a very young age a new form of expression has evolved in my art and still doing so. 


The expression’s construct is what, for simplicity's sake, has been called 'substance'. It is like an organized space, structure, form that functions.


This ‘substance’ and your perception  engage in a natural dialogue that is effortless and relaxed. This happens because of our innate visual need to make sense of the world.

We don't passively perceive the world, we actively generate it. Your brain is coming up with the best guess of what is actually there.


My artist's passion is transcending the plasticity of the medium. When this happens an ineffable form of communication is experienced as pure and truthful. Edvard Munch expressed this in figurative works, Mark Rothko in his abstract works.

I am creating this in the viewer's experience of a vision.


The combination of transcending the plasticity of the art medium and this new expression is what this artwork is about. 


The only intent behind this artwork is listening to a creative dialogue. I see it as a form of working meditation because I let go of the self. 

From research it is said to be a projection from the unconscious.  

It may also be a production line of experience creating a habit of pathways that have programmed the subconscious. 


The principle behind this is from the artist's understanding that you cannot separate something from the way that it is created.


The reason for the work's appearance is that it needs as many wavelengths of colour, complexity and diversity of forms, marks, tone, etcetera to exist in the artwork for gathering the most amount of information. (A reference to protecting diversity on our planet.) 


It uses the expression of movement as a disruptive strategy to decentralise patterns as well as to link and construct form. A layering of compositional structures are also part of this.


It places points or areas of extreme depth next to areas of foreground in a way that allows your perception to switch the two extremes, so that it ‘bounces’ or opens up space and forms in a number of ways.


The painting's appearance of being complex or busy is because of the ‘substance’. Ironically after some time with the painting, thirty minutes or so, it becomes calming and tranquil. I feel that this has something to do with its makeup that mimics the fractal patterns we find in forests and the natural environment. The painting is not a quick fix scroll past picture to consume. 


To judge the work you would have to alter your perception and to do that you would have to participate in the original artwork, to know it. 

No amount of me saying this is not an abstract work of art is going to change your perception. We are programmed to believe that this expression's appearance is abstract.


The understandings involved in judging this art have not been formulated as this has not yet entered our psyche.

There is no benchmark

To illustrate this it can take me about five hours of viewing just to be able to see the construct or ‘substance', to rework a painting. 


For a short time this art expression has disarmed the critic. 


This artwork is specifically designed to be lived with and is at home with our seeking to alter our consciousness towards an ideal or higher state. A relationship dynamic type communication.


It is a place where illusions, visions, hallucinations, memories, fantasies, insights and images are allowed to materialize in the perception of the viewer. 

We  are in constant change, thoughts, attitudes, our emotions, even power breathing alters perception. A natural heightened awareness, a wakeful dream state. The influence of alcohol, drugs and certain foods and the fact that the artwork is not a picture so anyway is up.

The light in the room alters throughout the day and this changes the nature of the illusion type space of the ‘substance’.

Your distance from the painting, what you find salient and so on. 


In a sense it has opened up a portal. Visually subtle initially but if you experience the artwork and comprehend the implications it's revolutionary and not at all subtle. The expression is breaking the rules here because it is asking you to see art in a very different way.


The creative urge is intrinsic to human nature and this artwork places you in the role of creator.


Visual interpretations are not static or defined, they exist in a number of spaces. Created from the dynamic between your perception and or your consciousness and the space within the artwork. Your imagination can create in any space in or around you. It can behave like insight, from deep within or projected in front of you. It can originate from something like a point or inhabit a vast space.  


For some reason it replicates in art form what neuroscientists, philosophers, spiritual teachers and others know about our experience of reality. 

That it is an illusion, maya, a reconstruct, a user interface.

Science says that our perception has evolved from the fitness principle and not the truth. 


This primal type sense perception is what this new expression ‘awakens’. Evolving the new building blocks of this psychotechnology.


Our inner perceptions are individual and unique. The painting is a playground to communicate this diversity with each other.

Allowing a foundation for a visual type of literacy. 

The innate primal way we find patterns can be very profound. 

You can conform to the substance illusion and interact with it in an intimate and sophisticated way.

The fluency of your perception increases confidence and appreciation of your own visual creativity.


This 'substance' is quite different from pareidolia, a nebulous stimulus you would see in nature or a random display of an art medium that's predominately singular in interpretation and prevalent in much of our art. 

In this expression the aspect that is pareidolia has sort of been set free to move around in an empty space. It is in a habitat with room to breathe.


This work should also not be mistaken with the meltdown, acid art that appears to give a rendition of the surface nature of hallucinations from psychedelic experiences.

Although unintentional, as this visual language is formulated for illusion to thrive on someone under the influence of psychedelics would have their hallucinations amplified or reinvented. 


In a way this expression reintroduces us to the uses of a shamanic art, like early cave paintings of the spirit animal did. Allowing a place for a primal instinct to be contemporary


In a conventional sense the work has all the normal things. It has compositional elements, balance, energy of movement, colour placement, tonal values, an aesthetic and so on. 

The art is only as good as the artist even though ’the masterpiece’ has shifted into the creative realm of the viewer.

The expertise of the substance is what will allow you to have a powerful vision or other experiences.


The viewer has the capacity to elicit awe through their creativity, vision and insight. 


When you know what you are looking for you would identify it from a photograph as a layering of ambiguous structural compositions with fragmenting diverse forms. When understood this expression would be unmistakable in the way it presents itself visually. Like you would recognise impressionism, pointillism and cubism.


Unlike these expressions and others my visual source is weighted more from within our being so the spaces and forms and structure are searching for something other than what they did. I am not trying to interpret what I see, I am trying to make a space to allow me to see.


Cubism was said to be a result of stop motion photography and film where they tried to capture a visual truth by portraying many perspectives of reality. Today we have virtual reality constructing a world as does this expression.


I find it interesting that it has a connection to image recognition technology and fractals.


Evolving a new expression has some significance and is worth something. If you were able to understand it from my perspective you would be at the frontier of a visual world that's immensely vast and hasn't been explored.

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